Seurasaari Island

In the summer of 2018 we operate by waterbus from the Market Square to Seurasaari. You will have the opportunity to experience a wonderful sea voyage from the center of Helsinki to the beautiful nature of Seurasaari.

Seurasaari is the first open air museum of Finland, open since 1909. It's a unique opportunity to time travel through the Finnish history. Buildings from all the Finnish municipalities has been transported to Seurasaari with the purpose to show the typical ancient Finnish buildings and their way of life.

Our sea route takes you along the beautiful coast of Helsinki where you will see the hills of Kaivopuisto park and the beach bars. Then we will pass in front of the Löyly Sauna-restaurant and Hernesaari where we will turn towards the west side of the city. Passing Lauttasaari we will be arriving in Seurasaari where you will enjoy the open-air museum and its nature.


Season 2018 has ended with Seurasaari's operation. We will continue to serve as charter cruises in the autumn. Thanks to all our customers!

Price list


One way 12€
Roundtrip 20€

Children (0-14v)

Oneway 6€
Roundtrip 10€


One way 6€
Roundtrip 10€

We accept card payments and cash. You can buy tickets on the boat. 

The trip takes 45 minutes. 

We reserve the right to change the timetable. We will notify about changes on our website and Facebook.

Where to find us

You'll find us in Market Square, Harbour 5 near the Market Hall.